We operate a commission structure for Referral Partners and a defined systems base price for Reseller Partners. We recognize that our partners are established as preferred suppliers and trusted advisors to their clients.

We aim to enhance the position of our partners by providing cost saving and administrative advantages, to both their businesses and those of their clients.
Systems provide partners with a greater depth of added value to their clients, providing an enhanced degree of resilience to their business.

Giving clients a consistent and immediately visible process, across geographically dispersed locations, allows for remote documentary audits, identifying just where assistance may be focused. This also facilitates our partners to deliver and manage their services to an increased number of clients with no additional cost or resources required.

Consultants, Law Firms, Brokers, Professional & Trade Associations, Enterprise Agencies, all offer the systems are branded for the end user client and incorporate reference to the added value services of the referral partner. These arrangements allow the referral partner to offer additional added value to their client with no additional cost - we handle support, hosting and billing arrangements.

We provide systems as ‘white label’ for reseller partners to brand, as fits their market and business model. We provide hosting and technical support. The client relationship is always owned by the Reseller Partner, including pricing and billing arrangements to compliment their branding and added value packaging. We are always happy to offer our support to partner events, be they trade association exhibitions, business2business, local enterprise events, business breakfasts, or, seminars.

We also work with partners who wish to licence the Content Management System (CMS) to develop their own management systems content, typically in sales, service, HR, compliance, brand standards and environmental.